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No credit. [P]

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Course Description:
A course in which all music majors must enroll and receive a satisfactory grade (S) in student recital attendance (MUS 1010) for a total of four semesters during the AA degree program. Attendance requirements for transfer students who were music majors at the institution from which the transfer is being made will be determined by the Department of Fine and Performing Arts in accordance with the number of semester hours completed.


Course Details


Dr. Josh Martin
Office: H125

Angie White
Office: H107


Required textbooks/ course materials:

No textbook or course materials are required to purchase for this course.



Assignment/course outline:

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

Area 5: Humanities

College-Level Competency: Interpret, evaluate, and appreciate works of human culture

H-1 Compare works of the humanities (art, philosophy, architecture, literature, film, theatre and/or music) in various cultures or literary movements

H-2 Analyze artistic expressions (art, philosophy, architecture, literature, film, theatre and/or music)

H-3 Communicate informed responses to works of the humanities (art, philosophy, architecture, literature, film, theatre and/or music)

H-4 Explain thematic connections among works of the humanities (art, philosophy, architecture, literature, film, theatre and/or music)

Music Studies Competency: Compare, analyze, appreciate and demonstrate works of music while applying foundational knowledge and skills; including the ability to work independently and collaboratively to prepare performances at the highest possible level.

Mu-1 Create new works of music


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level Student Learning ObjectivesDiscipline-Specific 
Learning Outcomes
Assessment Methods
Perform music literature of diverse musical styles. H1, H2, H3 Recital,  Behavioral Observation
Interpret musical phrasing and expression appropriately. H2, H3  
Demonstrate fluency of music reading. H3  


Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

The instructors will facilitate student participation in a recital setting. Students will perform regularly for their classmates and a public audience to develop their performing and musical abilities.  The instructors will monitor individual progress, and group experiences will be a feature of each class period. The instructor will hold weekly office hours to address further questions and student needs outside of class time. Students will also attend concerts and other live performances to study professional performers. The final grade will be based on class participation and recital decorum.

Students are expected to:

  • Arrive to class on time
  • Participate in recital and be focused in class
  • Practice outside of class time
  • Participate in group performances
  • Attend live performances as assigned


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