Psychology of Personality

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This course will provide students with a review and critical evaluation of the major personality theories within the field of psychology.


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Kassandra Starrine

Willie Spires

Rachel Rackard

Allison Hausner

Tameka Russ

Lennetta Loman-Greene

Jessica Craven


Required textbooks/ course materials:

Burger, J. (2019). Personality w/MindTap, 10th ed., Cengage. ISBN: 9781337747103


Assignment/course outline:

See first-day handout.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

SS-1 Identify behaviors and social trends, using appropriate research methodologies.

SS-2 Identify global influences on social, behavioral, and historical issue.

SS-3 Examine significant historical events.

SS-4 Identify differences and commonalities within diverse cultures.


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods
  • Compare and contrast the various theoretical models of personality.
  • Show different methods of personality research.
  • Evaluate existing theories of personality from a variety of perspectives.
  • Utilize intellectual discussions relative to how history and culture has shaped the field of personality psychology.

SS-1 - SS-4

SS-1 - SS-4

SS-1 - SS-4

SS-1 - SS-4 

Quizzes, Research Papers, Unit Tests


Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

Students will read all assigned materials.

Students will attend and participate in class discussions.

Students will research and prepare oral reports on various psychological topics.

Faculty will prepare and deliver lectures on various psychological topics.

Faculty will avail themselves for office appointments for students to explore their progress in the course as needed.

Faculty will advise students to use the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE Lab) for academic help when needed.


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