SGA Leadership Development IV

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A course designed for student leaders to participate in the Student Government Association organization and development of the student activities program. The course includes the dynamics of student organizational behavior, personal and group goal setting, conflict resolution and development of leadership skills. Required for all Student Government Association officers.


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Nancy Johnson, M.S.


Required textbooks/ course materials:

No textbook or course materials are required to purchase for this course.



Assignment/course outline:

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

SLS 2264 is not a general education core course.


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods

To develop critical thinking skills

To develop effective leadership skills

To develop leadership styles that compliment their personalities

To develop goal setting skills

To develop effective problem solving skills

To develop skills in Parliamentary Procedures

To develop positive work ethic skills

To develop professional planning, communication, and organizational skills


Final Exam, Projects, Problem-Solving


Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

This course will consist primarily of interactive discussion in the classroom. There will be handouts used to support discussions on various topics such as critical thinking skills, effective leadership skills, parliamentary procedures, goal setting, and effective problem solving skills.


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