Intermediate Spanish I

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SPN 2220

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Course Description:
This course includes the reading of selections from modern prose authors, a review of grammatical principles, and further study of composition and conversation. This course has been designated as an international/diversity course.


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SPN 1121 or consent of the department



Dr. Mark Ebel


Required textbooks/ course materials:

Long, et al. Hacia la literatura, 1998. Wiley ISBN: 9780471161738

Larousse Student Dictionary Spanish-English/English Spanish, 2010, paperback. ISBN: 9782035410146
Spinelli, Emily. English Grammar for Students of Spanish. 7th ed., 2012. Olivia and Hill Publishing.  ISBN: 9780934034418


Assignment/course outline:

See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor assignment schedule.


Discipline-level learning outcomes:

The purpose of the humanities in the core curriculum is to understand the human condition through the study of the following: art history, literature, music history, music theory, performing arts, philosophy, and visual arts.

H-1  Identify the humanities in various cultures.

H-2  Elucidate the historical context of human artistic expressions.

H-3  Analyze artistic expressions and articulate informed responses.

H-4  Identify reasons to preserve the humanities.

H-5  Describe core human beliefs and principles in the humanities.


Course-level learning outcomes:

Course-level student learning outcomesDiscipline-level learning outcomesAssessment methods
  • Illustrate competencies in reading, writing and thinking in Spanish.
  • Make use of the conventions of Spanish Grammar as required during classroom activities.
  • Demonstrate computer and /or library research skills to complete some assignments.
  • Analyze intercultural experiences as presented in cinematic materials accompanying the text.
  • Discover alternative world views through reading literature in a second language. 

H-1, H-3



Skills Performance, Homework, Teacher Observations, Writing Assignments, Cumulative Final, Quizzes, Project, Judged Performance


Means of accomplishing learning outcomes:

  1. Learn the material presented and assigned.
  2. Perform assignments with reasonable accuracy and with promptness.
  3. Participate in discussions and all other activities.


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