Chipola Awards Scholarships On Storm Anniversary


The Chipola College Foundation hosted a Hurricane Michael Recovery event Wednesday, Oct. 9. In honor of the ongoing recovery and one-year anniversary of Hurricane Michael, Julie Fuqua, Director of the Chipola College Foundation, identified several students to receive special scholarships to assist with challenges brought on by the storm. Foundation President Kelly Connolly and Vice-President Brooke Donaldson presented the students checks in the amount of $1,010.18, the date of Hurricane Michael (10-10-18). Chipola President Dr. Sarah Clemmons, says, “Each of us had to rebuild and repair in varying degrees after the hurricane, and many of our students faced serious financial challenges. Friends and alumni from across the state made generous donations to help many of these students. We are hopeful these scholarship awards will help students not only to survive the after-effects of the hurricane, but to thrive as they continue to pursue their education.” Scholarship recipients are: Kristen Chambliss–Marianna, Tabitha Conrad–Grand Ridge, Morgan Johnson–Marianna, Jacorian Jones–Grand Ridge, Tamarique Jones–Greenwood, Josie Bruffett–Bristol, Melody Holt–Altha, James Wise–Blounstown, Candace Cunningham–Marianna, Sierra McNeil–Grand Ridge, Jay’Lon McGriff–Marianna, Jay’Hda McGriff–Marianna, Crystal Marshall—Alford, Matthew Wakefield–Graceville, Brianna Steverson—Chattahoochee, Chastity Gokey–Marianna and Christohpher Dulong–Altha.