Student Right to Know

The links on the left provides prospective students, current students and community members with information, facts and figures about Chipola College. Privacy, right-to-know, crime statistics, special services for disabled students, athletic participation and equity, and other institutional information can be found through these link.


Inside the Student 2023-2024 Handbook you will find the following:

Welcome to Chipola    
Vision and Mission    
Academic Honor Code/Admissions and Records    
Online Registration    
Testing Center    
Drop/Add a Course, Withdrawal, Audit and Resignation    
Grades and Quality Points    
Financial Aid    
Veteran Affairs / Displaced Homemaker Program    
State Employee Fee Waivers    
Student ID Cards/Printing Fees    
Student Activities    
Baccalaureate Programs    
Workforce Development Programs    
Distance Learning    
University Center    
At Your Service    
   Library Copyright Policies  
   FACTS ACE Lab  
   Additional Computer Labs Career Information  
   Students with Disabilities Voter Registration  
   Bookstore/Student Center/Cafeteria Lost and Found  
   Voter Registration  
Campus Safety and Security    
   Accident/Illness Medical Services  
   Access to Campus Facilities Campus Security  
   Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act Notice Crime Awareness and Prevention Programs  
   Crime Statistics Campus Safety  
   Classroom Safety Drug Free Campus  
Student Health Issues/Concerns    
Children on Campus    
Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Code of Conduct    
   Freedoms Confidentiality of Student Records  
   Academic Honor Code Discipline  
   Disciplinary Procedures Student Grievance Procedures  
   Student Activities Policies
   Student Ombudsman Office
Student Organizations  
   Conduct at Off-Campus Activities   Use of Posters, Leaflets, and Bulletin Boards  
   Use of College Facilities Procedure for Establishing a New Organization  
College Calendar    
Final Exam Schedule    
Academic Calendar    
Campus Map