Textbook Online Ordering Instructions

Chipola College students are encouraged to order required textbooks online at https://chipolacc.bncollege.com/shop/chipola/page/find-textbooks and have them delivered well in advance of the first day of classes, Aug. 24. The Chipola College Bookstore webpage may be accessed at www.chipola.edu.


Steps to purchase textbooks online through the Chipola College Bookstore

  1.  Review relevant 2023-2024 course syllabi online at:  Course Syllabi for required textbooks and related material. Particularly note ISBN #’s for required books and materials. (Important: reviewing the course syllabi for each course helps ensure buying only what is required.)

  2.  Use the Chipola College Bookstore website https://chipolacc.bncollege.com/shop/chipola/page/find-textbooks to enter the appropriate term and course codes for classes and view a selection of required textbooks and materials. (Note: Many courses will have multiple formats of required textbooks with different ISBN’s so use the appropriate course syllabi referred to in step 1. to ensure purchasing the required textbook in a selected format.)

  3.  Once appropriate textbooks and materials are selected, proceed to checkout and purchase textbooks and materials through credit card, Paypal account or using financial aid if appropriate. (Students using financial aid are required to enter name on student account and student ID number at checkout). Books may be shipped directly to a student’s home address.