Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment and Early Admission Program

What is Chipola’s Dual Enrollment/Early Admission Program?

Authorized under Florida Statute 1007.271, Chipola College offers qualified high school students in the college’s five-county service area the opportunity to enroll in college courses free of charge to earn college credit and credit toward high school graduation by participating in the Dual Enrollment and Early Admission Program. The partnership between Chipola College and local school districts provides enhanced learning opportunities for qualified students through effective use of college programs and resources.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for initial enrollment, the student must:

  1. Be officially enrolled in a public high school, a private school, a Virtual High School, or a Home Education Program within the college’s five county district.
  2. Must be an eligible student enrolled in grades 6-12 in a Florida public or Florida private schools – in compliance with s. 1002.42(2) with a secondary curriculum pursuant to s. 1003.4282.
  3. High school students must have approval of the high school principal or designee. 
  4. High School students must submit to Chipola College test scores on all sections of the ACT, PERT, or SAT that are no more than two years old, with a minimum qualifying reading score of: ACT 19, PERT 106, or SAT 24.
  5. Early Admission students must have passing test scores on all sections of the ACT, PERT, or SAT no more than two years old, in addition to the above minimum unweighted cumulative high school GPA.
  6. Meet the same placement test score requirements in applicable areas and chosen program of study as all postsecondary students.
  7. Have a minimum unweighted cumulative high school grade point average for program:
    • Academic Program: 3.0
    • Workforce Development Program: 2.0
  8. A student can participate in the Dual Enrollment Program for a maximum of three years. Early Admission students must have completed the 11th grade.

What tests do I have to take?

PERT, ACT, or SAT scores are acceptable. Official scores must be sent directly to Chipola College from the respective testing agency. Your scores cannot be older than two years from the first day of the semester you plan to attend.

The placement scores are as follows for eligibility:

Minimum Test Scores for College Level Courses


















How do I apply?

  1. Complete a Chipola College application online at my.chipola.edu.
  2. Receive an email verifying Chipola has received your application for admission. Students will provide this verification to their high school guidance counselor to discuss options.
  3. Submit official test scores on all sections of the ACT, PERT, or SAT that are no more than 2 years old AND an official cumulative high school transcript or pupil progression plan (if enrolled in private, virtual, or home school program) to Chipola College.
  4. Once all documents are processed and evaluated, students will be notified by Chipola College.

How do I register? 

  1. Discuss course options with a high school guidance counselor and obtain a Course Voucher form listing desired courses for each semester.
  2. Meet with a Chipola College Student Advisor during the registration period to select courses.

After registering for courses, the student will submit the signed Course Voucher form to the Chipola Business Office in lieu of payment of fees. Failure to submit this form to the Business Office will result in cancellation of registration.

Students taking courses at the high school will not come to the Chipola campus for registration

How many classes can I take each semester?

Dual Enrollment
students taking academic courses may pursue up to a total of 11 semester hours of college work each semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) while concurrently enrolled in high school. Workforce development students may take up to 330 clock hours during the Fall or Spring semesters and 180 clock hours during the Summer semester.

Early Admission students must enroll and maintain full-time status. Academic students are limited to no more than 18 hours per semester for two semesters. Workforce development students are limited to no more than 540 clock hours per semester

Each public school will give specific instructions about how to acquire dual enrollment textbooks. Students should check with their high school for instructions.


Students attending classes on Chipola’s campus must adhere to the college’s attendance policies. The only excused absences are those sanctioned by Chipola College. High school activities are not excused absences for dual enrollment/early admission students.

Students must maintain a minimum term and cumulative college GPA of 2.0. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be placed on academic suspension until after high school graduation.

Students must have the approval from their high school to withdraw from college coursework. ONLY THE STUDENT can initiate a withdraw per FERPA guidelines at post-secondary institutions. Withdrawal forms are located in Chipola College’s Admissions office.

Students may not repeat a course in which they earned grades of W, D, or F until after high school graduation.

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