FERPA for Staff

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

All employees requesting access to the Jenzabar System are required to have training in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. In order to access student records, please review the following information and complete the acknowledgement form.

After completing the tutorial, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is FERPA?

  2. What are and are not educational records?

  3. What are parental rights under FERPA?

  4. What is directory or public information?

  5. How can a student withhold directory information?

  6. To whom can we release information without consent of the student?

  7. What documents do students not have a right to see?

  8. What can happen if we do not follow the law?

  9. Who may I call if I have a question about what can be released under FERPA?

  10. What additional paperwork is necessary for access to Jenzabar?