Undocumented Students

We accept new degree-seeking students each semester—fall, spring and summer. You may submit your online application at any time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Admission and Record’s staffcan answer your questions about applying, assessment, transcripts, residency and more. Our dedicated staff is available to help you through the entire admissions process.

Common Questions

I am an undocumented student. Can I attend Chipola College?

Yes, absolutely! Chipola College welcomes all students, regardless of immigration status.


I am an undocumented student. How do I qualify for in-state tuition at Chipola?

If you attended a high school in Florida and meet the eligibility criteria below, you areeligible for an out-of-state tuition waiver (and eligible to pay in-state tuition rates at Chipola College):

  • Attended a Florida high school for the last three consecutive years immediately before graduationfrom a Florida high school, and submit an official high school transcript providing evidence of highschool attendance
  • Submitted an admission application to a Florida College System or State University Systeminstitution within 24 months of high school graduation


I am an undocumented student and interested in attending Chipola. How do I apply for admission?

Regardless of your immigration status, all students should apply for admission to Chipola.


I am an undocumented student and have already completed my Chipola application. Who should I talk to about in-state tuition?

If you have completed your application for admission, please visit the Director of Enrollment Serviceslocated in A -141 to complete your out-of-state tuition waiver.


I am an undocumented student –am I eligible for financial aid?

No. Undocumented students, including DACA students and Dreamers, are not eligible for federal student aid. However, you may be eligible for college financial aid. Students should check with the Chipola College Foundation.