Register Now For Term 'C' Classes At Chipola


MARIANNA—Registration for Fall Term ‘C’ classes at Chipola College is Oct. 7 to Oct. 14. Classes meet Oct. 14 through Dec. 10.

New students are encouraged to make application to the college and register as soon as possible. Currently enrolled students may add Term C classes to their schedule.

Term C courses include: (ACG 2002) Accounting on the Microcomputer (online); (BUL 4310) Advanced Legal Environment of Business (online); (CGS 1060) Introduction to Microcomputer Use (online); (DEP 2004) Human Growth & Development; (ENC 0022) Developmental Writing-Combined; (ENC 1102) English Composition II; (ENC 1101) English Composition I; (ENL 2022) Survey of English Literature II; (ETD 2340) Autocad Level 2; (GEB 1011) Introduction to Business (online); (HUM 2235) Intro to Humanities with Writing II; (MAN 3025) Principles Of Management (online); (MAN 3240) Organizational Behavior (online); (MAN 4720) Strategic Management (online); (MAR 3023) Basic Marketing Concept (online); (MUL 2010) Music Appreciation (online); (PEO 2004) Theory & Practice Coaching Specific Sport; (QMB 4200) Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions (online); (REA 0019) Developmental Reading Combined; (RED 3311) Teaching Reading Intermediate Grades; (RED 3360) Teaching Reading Middle/Seccondary Schools (online); (RED 4519) Diagnostic/Instructional Interventions Reading; (SLS 1101) Orientation (online); (TPA 2212) Introduction to Stage Audio; (TSL 4081) TESOL Issues & Practices (online).

Chipola's open-door policy guarantees acceptance to any student with a standard high school diploma or its equivalent. Prospective students should complete a college application which is available in the Office of Admissions, or online at Students also must provide an official high school and college transcript. Students should visit an academic advisor in the Student Services building to register.

For information about enrolling at Chipola, call the Admission and Records office at 850-718-2311, or visit