Chipola Theatre Announces Staged Reading of Alabama Rain


Updated: Nov. 4, 2021

The Chipola College Theatre Department brings a new experience for theatre goers with a staged reading of Alabama Rain, Nov. 4-5, at 7 p.m. in the Experimental Theatre in the Center for the Arts. 

A staged reading is theatre in its purest form; no set, no props, no costumes.  Actors interact and perform the story with a script, similar to listening to an audiobook.  With more stories to tell than any theatre could conceivably produce, staged readings allow audience members to experience more great stories at a lower cost to the theatre and give students the opportunity to perform more pieces. 

 Alabama Rain is the tale of five sisters living in a mythical southern town where it has not rained in 40 years. Monty Lou’s been pregnant for 10 years; Laurie Laurie’s dead spirit sings from the old magnolia tree; Pheenie’s walking the entire coast of Florida; Rachel’s gone to fetch the Ouija board; and little Dallas LaDean is determined to save them all.  The play examines the perils of a stagnant experience as the sisters thirst for fertility and growth. 

Cast members include: Kodibeth Bates as Dallas, Riley Rivers as Monty Louise, Victoria Kelly as Rachel, Luci Sloan as Laurie Laurie, Caroline King as Pheenie, and Melanie Canada.  The play will be directed by Brooke West Carr and assisted by Raines Carr.

The readings will be Nov. 4 and 5 at 7 p.m. in the Experimental Theatre located in the Center for the Arts at Chipola College.  No advanced tickets are needed. Open seating will be available the night of the reading.  There is no cost for patrons, but a donation to the Chipola Theatre ACT Fund will be appreciated that evening.

For more information, call the CFA Box Office at 850-718-2420.