Faculty Resources

All online courses (section 7xx) must meet the Proficient LMS Standards.

Canvas Course Section

Component (the following should be included)

Home Page

Utlizes the "Pages Front Page" as the Home page, to address the following:

  • A welcome message from the instructor, video recommended
  • Instructor's name
  • The purpose of the course
  • Instruction for getting started in the course and finding core course components
  • Statememt regarding mandatory Proctored exam/components 

(Note: Modules should not be used as the Home page.)

Syllabus Section

Syllabus section is hidden on left course navigation

Assignments Section

The Assignment section:

  • Includes all graded components in the course along with associated points/percentage toward final course grade, establishing a clear grading policy. Proctored component(s) must account for a minimum 30% of total grade.
  • All assignments for online courses must be electronic submissions.
  • Includes due dates for all graded components.
  • Includes multiple Canvas or Canvas–integrated assessment tools utilized to support course learning outcomes, facilitate student engagement and evaluate student progress. (Examples include quizzes, assignment submissions, and discussion questions).
If instructor chooses to hide the Assignments section in the left course navigation, the First Day Handout must list ALL assignment groups, their weights, and their individual graded components by the same names as reflected in the Canvas Assignments section.

Modules Section

The Modules section contains an Introductory module that includes:

  • a hyperlink to the webpage of the official course syllabus located on the college Syllabi Directory. 
  • a link to the First Day Handout (must be titled “First Day Handout”)
  • The Syllabus or First Day Handout must include:
    • Prerequisite knowledge/ courses
    • Course policies
    • Grading policy
    • Proctored exam/component requirement (for 7xx sections only)
    • Online “netiquette” guidelines for communication
    • Course schedule
  • Instructions for accessing Canvas online/phone support
  • Instructions for accessing Free Tutoring (ACE)

The Introductory Module or first week/unit module must contain the Academic Honor Code verification assignment due first day of semester, but availability dates left open

The Modules section includes a proctored component information module (for 7xx sections only) which provides instructions on how students are to complete the proctored component

The Modules section includes clearly denotes proctored exams/components (for 7xx sections only)

The Modules section contains course content, including all graded components (quizzes, exams, discussions, assignments) and supplemental material, organized in clearly defined course modules: weeks/topics/units/chapters, utilizes current technologies and provides a clear navigation through the course. (Modules should be chronological for 7xx sections.)

Additional Required
Course Navigation Links

Course Navigation must always include the following additional links:

  • Student Resources
  • Library Resources
  • ACE Tutoring


Course must not use the Canvas default grading scheme.  Grading Scheme in Course Settings should be edited to the appropriate Grading Scheme (Chipola or Nursing)


Instructor enters all grades for the course in a timely manner and accessible to students.


Instructors do not record attendance or use the Attendance tool for section 7xx online courses.


All official electronic course communication must be through Canvas, unless approved by the eLearning committee. 

 The course and all graded components must be published by 7 a.m. on the first day of the semester. Use assignment availability dates to restrict student access.