Student Scientists Association

The Chipola College Student Scientists Association allows students who share a common interest in the sciences to get together outside of classroom hours. In this setting, classmates can meet to discuss their coursework, organize club activities, or just enjoy a little time away from their busy schedule. Student Scientists Associtation members are also responsible for inviting and introducing seminar speakers. The seminars are often used as a form of extra credit in science classes and represent an ideal way to expose a significant number of our science students to research which applies to what they have learned in science classes. The Student Scientists Association also spends time organizing fund-raisers for club activities, providing community-related services, and taking part in SGA organized functions. A more detailed description of some past year's activities follows:  

Science Seminars

The Student Scientists Associtation typically schedules three seminars in a semester. This year we had many good lecturers visit campus in order to share their expertise on science-related topics. Speakers invited to give seminars included an official from the Caverns State Park, who gave a Halloween presentation on "Vampire Bats" (speaker shown below with Student Scientist Association members), and an ecologist who talked about "Biodiversity in Florida." The Student Scientists Association also took part in the Harlowe Shapley Visiting Lecturer program in recent years. The contribution made by Chipola provided an astronomer who gave three presentations on campus. The final seminar was given at night and provided an opportunity for members of the community with an interest in astronomy to listen to a leading astronomer discuss his research.

Below Student Scientists Association members watch as the National High Magnetic Field Lab speaker Michael Smith dumps liquid nitrogen on College Street after a "Cryogenics" seminar.


The Student Scientists Association provided refreshments at the Marianna Radio-controlled Airplane Show in an effort to raise money for club activities. The fundraiser was quite successful and the students involved enjoyed the airplane demonstrations. Money from this activity was used to provide a reception for the Shapley Lecturer, buy supplies for Homecoming preparations, and help pay for the Student Scientists Association trip at the end of the year. Fundraisers are organized throughout the year to support special Student Scientists Association projects.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

The Student Scientists Association, in conjunction with the Honors program, arranged for a trip to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (ariel view shown below). The trip allowed physics students, club members, and honors students the opportunity to visit a national lab facility and tour the many rooms in which major scientific work is done. High current resistive magnets, superconducting persistent magnets, and the powerful high field hybrid magnet were shown on the tour and seemed to impress all of the tour members. The visit also gave Chipola students the chance to talk with graduate students at the lab and discuss educational opportunities available when they leave Chipola to continue their studies.

Student Government Activities

Funding is provided by Chipola's SGA office to school organizations who participate in scheduled campus activities. The Student Scientists Association competes every year in the club competitions (tug-of-war contest shown in the figure) which make up the Fall Festival and Spring Frolics celebrations. The Student Scientists Association also takes part in the Homecoming activities, including the building decoration contest, Homecoming court, and talent show competition. Student recruitment efforts organized by the SGA office, such as the high school Senior day, often include a table with Student Scientists Association members who show demonstrations of the physical principles they have seen in class.      

End of Year Trip

The Student Scientists Association typically takes a trip at the end of the year to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year, including graduation. Some of the trips arranged included Physics Day at Six Flags (with the honors class), white water rafting in Tennessee (group picture shown below), and a trip to Universal Studios.

One of the favorite Studnet Scientists Association trips is on our own Chipola River here in Marianna. Below is a picture of some club members ready to jump off of the railroad tracks along the Chipola River canoe route. There is always plenty of fun, and good food involved in the Student Scientists Association end of year trip.

Please consider joining the Student Scientists Association if you have a major or interest in the sciences. Club dues are $2.00 for the year, and we expect you to participate in fund-raisers and community projects only as your time allows. If you cannot make the club meetings (which are normally posted the week before the scheduled 10 AM Wednesday activity period ) you can join by talking to the Club Sponsor, Jeff Bodart, or any of the officers in the club.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Jeff Bodart, Adviser

(850) 718-2268