Your ACE Experience

Students often wonder what to expect from a visit to the ACE.  Here are the basics: 

  • The ACE is a friendly, relaxed environment where you can do homework, use computers, and receive tutoring.  Feel free to bring your snacks, laptops, and study materials for your time in between classes.
  • You will get the most from your visit if you come prepared:  bring all course materials,  including books, calculators, handouts, directions from instructors, etc. 
  • When you enter the ACE, please sign in.  You will then be directed to a tutor who specializes in the
    subject in which you need assistance.
  • Tutors will help you on an individual basis or with a group of your peers.  Though the ACE does not schedule individual appointments, many tutors are available for assistance each hour.
  • Tutoring will not necessarily result in perfect work and does not guarantee an “A”.  However, our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of your coursework, potentially leading to improvements in your grades.