McLendon Educational Trust Scholarship

Open Applications

The Fall 2024 application period for the McLendon Educational Trust Scholarship is now closed as the application deadline was June 4, 2024. 


The McLendon Educational Trust Scholarship is awarded each semester. Prior recipients must complete a new application each semester to be considered for additional funding.


 FALL 2024

Beginning with the Fall 2024 semester, the Chipola College Foundation will only accept McLendon Educational Trust scholarship applications on our new online scholarship application website, Chipola Academic Works. The Fall 2024 McLendon Educational Trust scholarship deadline was June 4, 2024 .


Chipola Academic Works Website Sign-In Instructions for open application periods: 

Current Students- You may sign in using the same username and password you use to access myChipola.

New/Prospective Students- Please note that you must have applied to Chipola College prior to applying for scholarships on the Chipola Academic Works website. You will receive your Chipola email address and login credentials at that time.
To apply for admission to Chipola College, please visit the Chipola Admissions Office or their webpage


Students who are selected to receive a scholarship award will receive an official scholarship award offer email to their Chipola email address. To accept an offered scholarship award, students must click the weblink in the scholarship offer email they receive in their Chipola email inbox and must then read and agree to the terms of their scholarship offer. For any student who does not accept the scholarship award by the acceptance deadline mentioned in the offer email, the Foundation will consider the scholarship declined and the student will not receive the scholarship funds. Scholarship award offer emails will not be sent until July, and the email will include the scholarship acceptance deadline. After accepting the scholarship, students will be asked to complete an online post-acceptance form where they will write a thank you letter to the donor of their scholarship. Once they have accepted the scholarship offer and completed the post-acceptance form, their scholarship funds will be made available to the Chipola Business Office for the purpose of paying toward their tuition and/or books.

To apply for Foundation scholarships on the Chipola Academic Works website, students must have access to a personal computer or cellphone. Students without a personal computer or cell phone can visit the Chipola library to use one of their computers or visit the Foundation Office to use the computer in our student workstation. If a student would like to use the computer in the student workstation at the Foundation Office, please call us at (850) 718-2404 to reserve a time to use the computer. Students who make a reservation to use the computer, should be on time to allow themselves adequate time to complete the application.

Specific application instructions will be on the Chipola Academic Works website, but students who have questions while completing the applications, may click Question and Answer link below to see our help page for guidance. If a student has a question that is not on this list, Foundation staff will be happy to help. Please email or call (850) 718-2404 for assistance.

                                                                     Question & Answers (FAQ)