State Employee Tuition Waiver

What is it? 

As a qualified state employee, Chipola College can help you enhance your job skills and work toward a college degree at the same time. As an added benefit, you may be eligible for a tuition fee waiver for up to six semester credit hours of college credit on a space available basis, each semester.

Who is eligible? 

All full-time permanent employees of a state agency, as certified by your human resources department, are eligible. (Eligibility is also subject to verification of employment by the State of Florida Comptroller’s Office.)

What does space available mean?

Because the College receives no tuition for waived courses, waivers are only available for those courses that have not been filled by fee-paying students or those utilizing scholarships or grants. Therefore, the dates of registration are limited.  Initial registration for each term must be on an approved state waiver registration date, usually beginning the first day of class and continuing daily through the last day of late registration. Please note: Anyone who registers prior to the specified dates assumes personal financial liability for the course(s). The tuition waiver will not be applicable to courses registered prior to the specified state employee registration dates.

Which courses do not qualify?

 Some courses or programs of study, by their nature, do not qualify for the waiver. These include online, directed individual study, independent study, non-college credit (such as workforce development clockhour and continuing education programs/courses), and limited access or selective admission programs such as Baccalaureate degree programs, Nursing, Fire Science Technology, EMT, and other A.S. Degree programs.

Which fees are waived?

A waiver will be allowed for a maximum of six college credit hours per semester. Fees eligible for waiver include tuition, financial aid fee, student activity fee, and capital improvement fee (equates to $102.00 per credit hour for the 2022-23 school year). State employees are responsible for paying processing fees, testing fees, lab fees, and any other special fees. 

How do I begin? 

  1. Complete all admissions requirements, including the Application for Admission, placement testing, transcripts, proof of prerequisites, etc.  Refer to the college calendar for application dates. 
  2. Print the State Employee Tuition Waiver Form.  Complete the form and obtain the signature from your human resources department.  You will submit this form to the Chipola Business Office in lieu of payment of tuition after you register for classes.  (NOTE: Chipola College accepts only the official Chipola College - State Employee Tuition Waiver Form.  Agency-specific forms, such as the Intent to Apply form, are not valid for use at Chipola College.) 
  3. Once you have been accepted by the college you may receive an advising/registration appointment from Student Services.  However, if you plan to utilize the State Employee Fee Waiver, you should contact Student Services at 718-2424, tell them you plan to register for classes using a state employee waiver, and request that your appointment be cancelled.  Then plan to go to Student Services on one of the dates scheduled for state employee waiver registration and schedule your classes.
  4. After your register for classes, immediately report to the Business Office, submit your completed Chipola College – State Employee Tuition Waiver Form, and pay any special fees.