Use Honorlock for Proctored Exams

Chipola College subscribes to Honorlock online proctoring tool, which enables students in online or designated courses to complete proctored exams from the convenience of their home. Students also have the option to complete proctored exams in the Chipola College Testing Center or using computers specifically designated for Honorlock testing in the Chipola College library.

Online Proctored Testing

To utilize Honorlock, students must adhere to the Chipola College Academic Honor Code and the online testing requirements listed below. Chipola College reserves the right to require a re-test at an approved proctor location.

Failure to follow proper online testing requirements and the Academic Honor Code may result in a zero grade for your exam and/or additional consequences as outlined in the Student Governance section of the Chipola College catalog.

Students must use desktop or laptop computers to complete online proctored exams. The Canvas Student App on mobile devices does not support completing proctored exams using Honorlock. Mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPhones, Android, or iPads, cannot be used to take proctored exams.   

Honorlock Tech Support

Online Testing Requirements

The online testing environment and testing area should mimic that of the “in class” testing environment.  Online Testing includes the following requirements:

  • No writing visible on desk or on walls.
  • No websites other than Canvas and the Honorlock proctoring extension should be used or open while taking a proctored exam.
  • Close all other programs and/or windows on the testing computer prior to logging into the proctored test environment.
  • Make sure music/televisions are not playing in the background.
  • Communication or receiving assistance from others is not permitted during a proctored assessment.
  • No other persons except the test-taker should be in the room during testing.
  • Using a phone or any other electronic device, other than your test-taking device, is not permitted.
  • Remain visible in the web camera during the entire duration of the exam.
  • Leaving the room during the testing period is not permitted.
  • You must not take the computer into another room to finish testing (exam must be completed in the same room the “Exam Environment View” is completed in).
  • Headphones or smart watches are not permitted.
  • Dual monitors are not permitted.
  • Caps/hats are not permitted.
  • Textbooks, notes, etc. are not permitted unless clearly stated in the testing instructions provided at the beginning of the exam.
  • Unless your instructor allows notes, textbook or other materials, keep your eyes on your screen, not focused on any other area of the desk or room.
  • Sit at a clean desk or table (not on a bed or couch)
  • Lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered "daylight" quality. Overhead lighting is preferred; however, if overhead is not possible, the source of light should not be behind the student
  • Ensure your desk or table is cleared of all other materials.
  • When prompted to do a room scan, be sure to carefully include your desk/work area in your scan. Make sure to do a complete 360-degree rotation of your room, then show your work space. Replay your room scan for verification. Partial scans and/or failure to show your work space may be flagged during the proctoring review and may result in a zero (0) grade on the exam.
  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged, or keep the charger within arm’s reach.
  • When prompted to provide a photo ID, make sure your fingers do not cover any information on the ID. Photo capture of the photo ID must be clearly legible, and photo must clearly represent the student taking the exam. 

Students should also consult the Proctored Testing Information Module within their course in Canvas for any additional proctored testing requirements required by their instuctor.

For any exam using Honorlock, Chipola College reserves the right to require a re-test at an approved proctored location. 

How to take a Proctored Exam using Honorlock

Honorlock online Tech support is available 24/7/365.  If you encounter any issues, contact Honorlock Tech support using the LIVE CHAT icon within the Honorlock window.

Step 1: Verify System Requirements to use Honorlock

Mobile devices may not be used to complete exams with Honorlock.  Laptops, desktop computers and Chromebooks may be used if they meet the following requirements.

Operating System

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • MacOSX 10.14 and higher
  • ChromeOS 93 and higher

Google Chrome (version 110 and higher)

Speed : 1.5 Mbps download, 750 Kbps upload

Currently, Honorlock is incompatible with iPads, Walmart Branded Camera (Onn), Amcrest, Logitech C920 and C270 Cameras

Step 2: Prepare to take an exam using Honorlock

If you have not already done so, review the Online Testing Requirements. Failure to follow the Online Testing Requirements, including a proper room scan, may result in a 0 grade for the exam.

Prior to test start, you will need the following:

The following is a preview of what it is like to take an exam with Honorlock:


3rd Party Exams:  If you are using Honorlock to take a "3rd party exam" such as MyLab, Lumen, McGraw-Hill Connect or SAM, see Taking a 3rd party Exam using Honorlock

Step 3: Launch your proctored exam and verify your identification

When you are ready to test and have completed Step 2, log into Canvas, go to your course, and click on your exam. Clicking Launch Proctoring will begin the Honorlock authentication process, where you will take a picture of yourself, show your ID. Honorlock will be recording your exam session by webcam as well as recording your screen. Honorlock also has an integrity algorithm that can detect search-engine use, so please do not attempt to search for answers, even if it's on a secondary device.

Step 4: Perform a Room Scan

Performing a room scan is an integral part of the Online Testing Requirements when using Honorlock.  Failure to complete a proper room scan - which shows a complete 360-degree pan of the room, walls, floor, desk/table and lap; displays that there are no electronic devices, books, notes or other items available for your use; and verifies that there are no other individuals in the room  - may result in a 0 grade for the exam. 

As stated in the Online Testing Requirements, exams must be taken on a table or desk, not in your lap or on a bed.

When you take an exam scheduled in Honorlock, you will be required to perform a room scan with your webcam.   This should be a slow, thorough and complete 360 degree room scan to show you are the only individual in the room and that there are no electronic devices, books, notes, posters or other items available for use.  Your room scan must also show there is nothing on your desk/table or in your lap.  

If your instructor allows you to use books and/or notes, show and explain these items in your room scan.  

How to perform a proper room scan:


After you perform the room scan, play it back to be sure it recorded and review the video to be sure it shows:

  • a slow, thorough and complete 360 degree pan of the room showing all walls, floor and behind the table/desk, if an open area
  • the entire desk/table and your lap
  • cell phone turned off and placed away from the testing area

If the replay of your room scan does not meet the above requirements, re-record your room scan video.

When your room scan video meets the above requirements, you may continue with the next step of the exam startup.

Step 5:  Take your exam

Continue to follow the prompts until your exam appears.  Stay in front of your webcam.  Keep your eyes on your monitor unless your instructor allows you to use notes.  Follow all Online Testing Requirements.

Taking Proctored Exams on Campus:

The library contains several computers designated for proctored testing.  The computers utilize Honorlock, are equipped with webcams and are located away from the open computer lab areas. See library staff for locations of designated computers.   For library hours, see Library.  If your instructor requires you to take a proctored exam in the Chipola College testing center, see Testing Center .

Honorlock Tech Support: 

Honorlock Tech support is available 24/7/365.  If you encounter any issues, contact support using the LIVE CHAT icon within the Honorlock window.

A Knowledge Base of student issues is also available at the Honorlock Help Center – Students Starting Exam.