Policies & Resources

Grading Policy

The standing of a student in each course is expressed by one of the following letters and corresponding grading system:
A – 90 – 100
B – 80 – 89
C – 70 – 79
D – 60 – 69
F – 59 or less
The Chipola Catalog provides policies and procedures regarding the grading system. A student’s Grade Point Average is derived from the grading system/quality point scale.

Attendance and Withdrawal Policies

Chipola College expects regular attendance of all students and for all instructors to record attendance daily. Students who are absent from classes for any reason other than official college activities must satisfy the instructor concerned that the absence was due to illness or other clearly unavoidable reasons. Otherwise, the student may suffer grade loss at the discretion of the instructor. Chipola policy allows each instructor to specify in the Instructor First Day Handout whether or not an absence is excusable and what effect the absence or tardy may have on the grade.

A student is allowed to repeat a course a maximum of three (3) times. On the third attempt a student (1) must bear the full cost of instruction (unless waived by Student Services), (2) cannot withdraw, and (3) must receive a grade.

Make-up Policy

Chipola allows each instructor to specify in the Instructor First Day Handout the makeup policy.

Academic Honor Code Policy

Students are expected to uphold the Academic Honor Code, which is based on the premise that each student has the responsibility to (1) uphold the highest standards of academic honesty in his/her own work; (2) refuse to tolerate academic dishonesty in the college community; and (3) foster a high sense of honor and social responsibility on the part of students. Further information regarding the Academic Honor Code may be found in the Chipola Catalog, Student Governance section.

Students with Disabilities Policy

Chipola College is committed to making all programs and facilities accessible to anyone with a disability. Chipola’s goal is for students to obtain maximum benefit from their educational experience and to effectively transition into the college environment. Students with disabilities are requested to voluntarily contact the Office of Students with Disabilities to complete the intake process and determine their eligibility for reasonable accommodations.

Electronic Device Usage Statement

Classrooms should be free of all unnecessary distractions from the task of learning. Therefore, as a general rule, students should silence and avoid use of all electronic devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) not being used for coursework. Consult first-day handouts for any specific policies related to the use of electronic devices in the classroom, as they may vary depending upon the nature of the course or the guidelines of the instructor. Faculty reserve the right to regulate the use of electronic devices and their accessories in class.


Free Tutoring

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Lab, located in Building L, offers free tutoring from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is equipped with computer workstations.  ACE lab hours are posted each semester at the room entrance and on the website.  Additionally, live online tutoring conferences and individual tutoring sessions are available for a variety of courses through ACE@Home. For a conference schedule or to schedule an individual appointment, visit “ACE Tutoring” in the left navigation from any course in Canvas.

Library and online reference materials

The library is a comprehensive learning resource center providing information in print, electronic, and multimedia format to support the educational objectives of the College. Online catalogs, e-books, and electronic databases can be accessed through the Library Resources link within your course in Canvas or by using the Search icon on the Chipola Library website at www.chipola.edu/library. If you have questions about database usage, consult the “How to Use the Chipola Databases” on the Library website or call the Library at 850/718-2274 during regular hours. Library hours are posted each semester at the building entrance and on the Library website. See your Instructor First Day Handout for individual instructor recommendations and resources.


The college’s learning management system is Canvas. Classes become available on Canvas on the first day of the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to log onto the Canvas system the first day of class to establish the first day of attendance and to check announcements. All official class communication must be through Canvas. For further information, contact your instructor or the Director of Learning Resources. The Canvas support hotline is available online in live chat and on the phone, toll-free, at 855-308-2812 for any issues utilizing Canvas. The Technology Center, located in the library, is equipped with computer workstations. Lab hours are posted each semester at the building entrance and on the Library website.