Library Staff

The staff at Chipola College's Library are pleased to offer you our assistance as experts in researching, storing, classifying and retrieving information, and are dedicated to the college's mission of promoting learning and student achievement by embracing excellence, opportunity, diversity and progress. We hope that the use of our library and staff services will enhance your education; we encourage you to use our services and library materials to expand your educational experience and reach beyond the classroom. Please take a moment to become familiar with our staff members and their positions; our staff members are available to you for help with a variety of library services and may be contacted during regular library hours.

Vikki Milton, Director of Learning Resources
Office: Library, 120
Phone (850) 718-2371
Jane Stephens, Coordinator of Library Circulation
Office: Library, 103
Phone: (850) 718-2279
Nell Donaldson, Sr. Office Assistant, Acquisitions & Interlibrary Loans
Office: Library, 105
Phone: (850) 718-2273
Wilson Ivey, Coordinator of Library Services
Office: Library, 107
Phone: (850) 718-2372