Characteristics of an online learner

Distance Learning courses are designed to allow you to manage your assignments and study efforts within flexible time and place restraints, free from a regular class schedule. Online courses assist students who have transportation limitations, variable work schedules, and other constraints which make attending a regular class session difficult. Distance Learning courses place the responsibility for course management squarely on you, the student. This method of learning is not appropriate for all students at all times.

To determine if you would be a successful distance learner, read the following list of characteristics which assist a student in being successful in an online course and check all that apply to you:

 I am very self-motivated. I do not need someone to remind me to study or work on assignments.

 I am an organized person.

 I have good time-management skills. I have learned how to balance family, work, and social responsibilities to allow for sufficient study time.

 I have good reading skills. I remember what I read and am able to integrate what I have learned with other sources of information.

 I am very self-disciplined, meeting all deadlines. I stick with a task, even if I encounter obstacles.  

 I have good study skills. I do well on both essay and objective type tests. This is reflected in my GPA which is at least 2.25.

 I work well with others. I contribute my share to group projects and perform my assigned tasks.

 I am a problem-solver. When learning to use new technologies, I usually rely on help screens, books, or online tutorials to figure out what I need to know.

 I have access to a reliable computer with Internet access and feel comfortable using a computer.

 I am comfortable using software programs such as Word, Excel, and Power Point.

If you cannot honestly check at least 7 boxes, you should reevaluate your decision to take such a course.