Tips for Online Learning

Review the Chipola College Canvas Student Tutorial (requires Canvas log in).

Make sure you have access to all course materials, including the textbook and all components for the course in Canvas.

Carefully read all materials posted in your online course in Canvas including the course syllabus, first-day handout, course schedule.  Be sure to pay close attention to due dates.

Develop a regular schedule for completing weekly or unit readings and assignments. Avoid disruptions and distractions during the time you have reserved for your online course.

Plan to spend at least 10 hours per week on each online course.

Keep up with assignments, readings, discussion questions, quizzes, etc.

Develop a set of notes for each unit of the course so you can review for examinations without having to read the entire text just before the exam.

Develop a vocabulary list of terms that are important to the course, especially those that are unfamiliar to you.  Write definitions in your own words and review them at the end of each reading.

If you have questions or concerns, contact your professor by phone or Canvas messaging.

If you have trouble using Canvas, the course LMS, use the Help button in the lower left corner of the Canvas window to access the Canvas Guides or contact the Canvas Support Hotline.