Chipola Administrative Procedure #1.4 - Grant Proposals

The college encourages the development of grant proposals that turn creative ideas into viable projects that provide additional funds for departments. These proposals should result from identified needs and include only projects that help the college fulfill its mission and purpose.

The following steps are to be taken by individuals or departments planning to seek external funds for new projects or resources to supplement existing programs.

    1. After an appropriate funding source is identified, develop a brief concept paper or set of notes to be used during discussion outlining the following:
      • WHO? Who will lead the project? (project director)
        • Who will participate in the project?
      • WHICH? Which funding agency or source will fund the project?
      • WHAT? What will be the goal of the project?
        • What are the major activities of the project?
      • WHEN? When will the major activities of the project occur?
      • WHY? Why does Chipola College need the project?
      • HOW? How will the project help the College carry out its mission?
    2. Contact the Assessment, Compliance and Grants (ACG) Office to discuss the potential proposal. The ACG Office will call a meeting of the Project Management Team to discuss the potential grant plan and evaluate the proposed project.
    3. Provide information requested by the Administrative Grant Team (AGT) as it considers approving pursuit of the potential grant. It may be necessary for the project director to meet with the AGT during this process. Note that AGT approval is required before additional steps are taken in developing a grant proposal.
    4. Following the procedures stated in the Chipola College Grants Handbook, work with the ACG Office to complete and submit the grant proposal.** (Contact the ACG office for a copy of the grants handbook.)
    5. Individuals for whom a portion of their salary is paid through grant funds may be required to maintain time and effort verification records, depending on the requirements of the funding agency.

*Recurring grants funded before April 1, 2001, are not required to complete the Proposed Grant Summary Approval Form.

**The ACG Office provides leadership for the grant writing and submission processes.

Revision Date:  1.10.24

Click on the Grants Handbook link to read more about the Chipola College grants process.