Center for the Arts

A front view of the exterior of the Chipola College Center for the Performing Arts

The Dr. Gene Prough Center for the Arts, located on the Marianna campus of Chipola College, is one of Florida's finest performing, visual and educational centers. This teaching facility consists of a 655-seat state-of-the-art proscenium main theater for performing arts; a 150-seat flexible experimental theater used as a theatre classroom offers a venue for intimate works, cutting-edge programs and recitals; an art gallery in which to show works by Chipola students and faculty, as well as local, national and internationally-recognized artists; plus a dance studio, teaching areas, costume and scenery shops and offices. The Center is designed to serve the current and future needs of the Chipola College community, local cultural organizations and those living, working and visiting the Chipola region. The Center opened during the fall of 2012. The Chipola College District Board of Trustees renamed the Center in 2014 to honor Dr. Gene Prough for his vision and untiring efforts in making this project possible.

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