Art Gallery

The Dr. Gene Prough Center for the Arts includes a beautiful art gallery in which to show works by Chipola students and faculty, as well as local, national and internationally-recognized artists. The Fine and Performing Arts Department hosts several installations a year.

Student looking at art installation in art gallery.

Student looking at art installation in art gallery.

Call for Artists

The Chipola Center for the Arts invites artists to apply for exhibition.  

Interested artists must submit an Exhibition Application. Review of art pieces will be based on the following criteria:  content, work media and size, exhibition timeline, and installation requirements including but not limited to lighting, gallery hardware, safety and security requirements, etc. 

After approval of the application, the Center reserves the right to determine what is acceptable for display during the installation process and during the exhibit timeline.  Approved art work must remain on display for the entire exhibition time prescribed in the application. 

Chipola College and all participating entities cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of artwork during the exhibition process.  Each participating artist will be required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement before any art pieces can be received. 

Sales of art pieces are only allowed when an approved contract is fully executed prior to the installation.

For more information or to obtain an Exhibition Application, contact Evelyn Ward, Director of Fine and Performing Arts at