Programs of Study

Chipola College defines educational (also referred to as academic program) as a combination of courses and related activities organized for the attainment of specific knowledge and competencies and that has been assigned a unique Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code. Educational programs culminate in the awarding of degrees, certificates, or diplomas.

Choose Your Program of Study and Academic Pathway

It is in the student’s interest to choose a major and transfer school as soon as possible. Whenever possible, the student should use one of the pre-planned Academic Pathways listed below and available from Student Affairs, faculty advisors, or online under Student Services. Visit the the Career Resource Center or Florida Virtual Campus online for career exploration, information and degree shopping. Contact Student Services or the department for the most up-to-date Academic Pathway.

Bachelor of Science Degrees*
Business Administration (Accounting) 4040 Elementary Education 4059 Middle School Science Education 4025
Business Administration  (Engineering Mgt) 4043 English Education 4065 Secondary Mathematics Education   4010
Business Administration (Infor. Systems) 4042 Exceptional Student Education 4079 Secondary Science Education (Biology) 4020
Business Administration (Management) 4041 Middle School Mathematics Education 4015 Nursing 4120
Associate in Arts Pathways

Designed for students who plan to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior after graduation.  Students who have not identified a major may follow the General College Academic Plan.

General College/Undecided 1005 English 1060 Nursing 1120
Agribusiness 1008 English Education 1065 Nutrition/Dietetics 1012
Agriculture Education 1054 Food & Resource Economics 1046 Pharmacy 1130
Animal Science 1145 Forensic Science 1116 Political Science 1137
Architecture 1016 Forestry Resources & Conservation 1091 Psychology 1138
Art History/Studio Art 1051 Geomatics 1011 Recreation, Tourism & Events 1087
Biology 1019 Health Promotion 1078 Science Education (Biology) 1073
Business 1020 Health Science-Occupational Therapy 1127 Social Science Education 1076
Cardiopulmonary Sciences 1013 Health Science-Physical Therapy 1043 Social Science Interdisciplinary 1133
Chemistry or Chemical Science 1034 Information Technology 1047 Social Work 1139
Communication Sc and Disorders 1128 Management Information Systems 1038 Special Education 1079
Communications 1101 Marine Biology 1014 Sports Management 1044
Computer Science (B.A.) 1036 Mathematics Education Secondary 1067 Sports Medicine/Athletic Training 1113
Computer Science (B.S.) 1035 Mathematics Education Middle School 1079 Theatre/Drama 1141
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement/CSI 1040 Microbiology & Cell Science 1015 Theatre: Technical Production 1142
Elementary Education 1059 Music Performance/Therapy 1068 Wildlife Ecology/Conservation 1009
Engineering 1080 Music Education 1069    
Associate in Science Degrees**

Designed for students with career goals that lead to employment in specific fields after graduation.

Business Administration 2185 Engineering Technology 2187 Networking Systems Tech: Digital Forensics 2183
Civil Engineering Technology 2178 Industrial Management Technology 2158 Networking Systems Tech: Network Security 2182
Computer Information Technology 2172 Nursing (RN)* 2194 Networking Systems Tech: Server Administration 2181
Early Childhood Education 2197 Sports, Fitness & Recreation Mgt   2151 Theatre and Entertainment Technology 2165
Emergency Medical Services 2190        

**These programs do not include the full general education sequence necessary for transfer to a four-year college or university after graduation.

College Credit Certificate

Designed for students with career goals that require specialized training in one of the areas listed below.

Advandced Manufacturing: 
     Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Motors Cert.
5270 Help Desk Support Technician 5244
Network/Cyber Security 5246
Child Care Center Management  5297 IT Support Specialist 5245 Network Server Administration 5248
Digital Forensics 5242 Paramedic* 5280 Network Support Technician 5247
Engineering Tech Support Specialist 5275        
Workforce Development Certificate

Designed for students with career goals that require vocational training.

Advanced Manufacturing 2259 Cosmetology* 2235 Law Enforcement Officer* 2213
Automotive Service Technology 2215 Crossover Training/Corr. to Law Enforce* 2221 Practical Nursing  2265
Building Construction 2248 Crossover Training/Law Enforce to Corr* 2222 Welding Technology 2275
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)* 2218 Firefighter 2210 Welding Technology Advanced  2276 
Correctional Officer* 2212 Firefighter/Emergency Medical Tech 2216    
Applied Technology Diploma
EMT Certificate 2219
Special Student Status
Non-Degree Seeking - College Credit 9001 Teacher Certification 9094
Dental Hygiene - TCC 9096 Non-Degree Seeking - WorkForce Dev  9002

*Admission to the college neither constitutes nor guarantees admissions to Limited Access Programs. If you plan to enter one of these programs, you must request and submit a separate application packet for the specific program.