Honors Program

This organization consists of all Honors Program students.  The members promote the ideals of
Chipola College and provide peer mentoring and service learning opportunities.

Honors participants have the opportunity to explore new academic directions, receive special advising and support from faculty, and focus more directly on their academic goals.  Honor participants receive personal satisfaction and academic enrichment from the Honors Program. 

Students may be admitted to the Chipola Honors Program by one of the following options:

  • A minimum high school grade point average of 3.5 and a minimum ACT of 23 or SAT of 1080.

  • A minimum cumulative college grade point average of 3.5, a minimum of 12 college credits, and a minimum ACT of 23 or SAT of 1080.


Honors Brochure

Honors Application 

For more information, contact:

Bonnie Smith
Honors Advisor/ACE Director

email: SmithB@chipola.edu

(850) 718-2247