Transitioning to College

High School vs. College Accommodations

Graduating high school and entering college bring new challenges to the student with a disability. Please note the following differences between high school and college accommodations.

Public High SchoolCollege
Free and appropriate education guaranteed by Law The law does not guarantee admission to a college or university
School is obligated to seek out and identify students with disabilities The student is responsible for locating the disability services office and inquiring how he/she can receive services.
Obligation to evaluate students with disabilities No obligation to evaluate students with disabilities
Must alter course content if necessary No obligation to alter content of courses or evaluation system
Students get support in budgeting their time and planning their school work Students do not receive assistance in budgeting their time and planning school work
Student's progress is monitored by school staff Student's progress is his/her own responsibility
School will seek out students to provide accommodations Students must self-identify and self-advocate for accommodations

This list was adapted from Counseling Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities by Michael Koehler and Marybeth Kravets.