Children & Family Resources

Children & Family Services
6 South Key Street
Quincy, Florida  32351
Telephone Number:    866-249-0591 (toll-free)

Panama City No.       800-226-7690 (toll-free)
                                850-872-7690 (Fl. Medicaid Hotline)

Three Types Of Services Based On Qualified Participants

  1.  Cash Assistance  
  2.  Medicaid Assistance
  3.  Food Stamps

Process: For those who think they may qualify: Contact the Quincy office and ask for an application. See if you can be scheduled an appointment at an office near you.


  1. Single students normally do not qualify for these services. Nevertheless, with the growing number of returning students with more age, and those with disabilities there may be qualifying factors.
  2. A single parent with children (children under 18) may qualify for some of these programs.