Housing/Care Intervention

The Chamber of Commerce keeps a listing of rental housing and apartments on file.  You can pick up a copy at their office.  You can also check with our local real estate offices, since several manage rental housing.

The Chamber of Commerce
4318 Lafayette Street
P. O. Box 130
Marianna, Florida  32447
(e-mail: info@jacksoncounty.com)

A non-profit organization called Habitat For Humanity may be of interest for families needing better housing, but need assistance in funding/ideas.  The program assists qualified individuals with new homes.  Services are based on qualifications and interviews.

Habitat For Humanity
(Ask for Leslie Fuqua

The senior citizen organization may be of assistance for students with elderly parents.  This non-profit organization may provide qualified seniors with meals, home cleaning care, transportation, and personal assistance.  Services are based on income, and is geared toward those who are sixty years and older.

Senior Citizens Organization
2931 Optimist Drive
Marianna, Florida 32448
(Director:  Abby Burdeshaw)