Special Categories
International Students

For admission purposes an applicant is classified as an international student only if the college has to issue papers required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Applicants who have been admitted to the United States as immigrants and have been issued resident alien numbers will not be classified as international students for admission purposes.

International students seeking admission on an F-1 visa must submit the following:

  1. A completed application for admission as a degree-seeking student.
  2. Proof of education as follows:
    a. A certified English translation of the school record if the student is a high school graduate or equivalent and has never attended college.
    b. A certified English translation, when applicable, of records from all colleges previously attended.
  3. A notarized form showing that financial resources are available for travel, tuition, books, and living expenses while the student is attending college in the USA. The amount of funds required is $21,000 per year; a total of $42,000 for the normal two-year program. This evidence is also required by the American Embassy or Consulate when applying for a student visa to enter the United States. Financial Aid is not available to students on visa; students must have these funds available when they register for their classes.
  4. A certificate of proof that the student is covered by standard health, accident insurance, and evacuation/repatriation insurance must be provided before the term of intended enrollment. This insurance coverage must continue for the entire period of enrollment at the college.
  5. The completed forms returned to the Registrar with a one-time fee of $100 that must be included with application. As soon as all of the above official items are received by the college, a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20 A-B or M-N) will be issued to the student.
Transient Students

Transient students from another college

A transient student is one who preserves uninterrupted residency status with the home college while attending Chipola College. Students who wish to attend Chipola College on a transient basis may substitute a Transient Form approved by the home college in lieu of an official transcript. The Transient Form or official transcript must be forwarded along with the Application for Admission to the Admissions and Records Office.

Transient students from Chipola College

Permission to attend another institution on a transient basis will be granted only to currently enrolled students who have at least a 2.0 “C” average or better at Chipola College. Eligibility for transient status and acceptability of courses is determined by the Registrar. The student is urged to bring course descriptions of each course to determine their transferability and equivalency. Transient permission is not usually given to any student for consecutive sessions. A student who requests transient permission and meets the requirement of a 2.0 “C” average is furnished with a Transient Form. Courses listed on the Transient Form will be accepted as equated on the form. If courses other than those listed are taken, they will be accepted under the conditions listed in this Rule for Transfer Students. Courses earned in transient status are accepted with the grades earned and are treated as transfer work.

Dual Enrollment and Early Admission

Chipola College offers qualified high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses to earn college credit and credit toward high school graduation by participating in the Dual Enrollment and Early Admission Program. The program is authorized under Florida Statute 1007.271 and is a cooperative effort with Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, and Washington School Districts to provide enhanced learning opportunities for qualified students through effective use of college programs and resources.

Student eligibility requirements for initial enrollment in college credit dual enrollment courses must include a 3.0 unweighted cumulative high school grade point average and the minimum score on a common placement test adopted by the State Board of Education. For more information on Dual Enrollment and Early Admission visit our website at Chipola.edu.

Honors Program

High school seniors may apply for admission to Chipola’s Honors Program. Minimum qualifications are a high school GPA of 3.5 and an ACT composite score of 23 (SAT composite score of 1019).

Eligible students must submit a completed application and be interviewed by the Chipola Honors Council. Forty students will be chosen each year. Students who complete the program while maintaining the required grade point average will be classified as “Honors Graduates.” Contact Ms. Bonnie Smith in Student Affairs, Room A107A, for more information about the Honors Program.